Friday, December 03, 2021

Hawkeye Episode 3: Shows how powerful Hawkeye is! (One of the most under-rated characters in the Marvel history)

We see the dynamic duo of Kate and Clint blooming as they work together and fight against the Tracksuit mafias. There is a lot of action involved and a car chase scene which is really sick and completely captivates the attention of the viewers. We actually get to see the full potential of Hawkeye and his supercool trick arrows which leaves the fans awestruck and takes the potential of Clint Barton aka Hawkeye on a complete new level.

Although, after the release of Black Widow the viewers were expecting the introduction of Yelena Belova, possibly as a villain in the Hawkeye series since she got to know that her sister Natasha died because of Clint. But instead there is introduction of a new character "little dragon" aka Maya who is currently leading the tracksuit Mafias and is searching for Ronin who killed her father. She is completely unaware of the fact that Ronin is no one else but Clint.

Clint is kidnapped by the Mafias or we can say he surrendered on purpose to clear off Kate's name with the Ronin suit but later he finds himself trapped in the situation when Kate shows up to help him. Clint finally is seen involved in real action and showing off his God-level archery skills, as he jumps off the high platform and everything goes in slow Mo and he shoots an arrow in order to rescue Kate.

Later in the episode, there is a car chasing scene (A red '72 Dodge Challenger...Yeah I knowwww.. supercool) and we get to see the duo in action. Finally, Kate gets to use some of the trick arrows, unaware of the power those arrows hold, she is super psyched when she finally uses them.

Trick Arrows

  • First of all there is a putty arrow and it covers the whole windshield of the Mafia's car with purple putty hindering the vision.

  • Then we see the amazing driving skills of Clint when a big van follows them. He is a rowdy driver. We see the Blast Arrow which Kate uses unknowingly and blows off the van.

  • There is a web arrow which shoots web like ropes made of metal and pulls in all the Christmas trees slowing the speed of Mafia cars. Somehow, This episode completely balances the adrenaline rush because of all the action and the soft theme of the Christmas setting.

  • There is an acid arrow which Kate uses to melt the traffic lights. The VFX used is really not that good and seems like a low budget thingy.

  • Then obviously our favorite Pym arrow from Hank Pym's Tech is spotted which increases the size of the normal arrow shot by Kate infinitely and completely destroys the big van rushing to hit Kate and Clint as they were trapped on the bridge.

  • Smoke arrow which releases a purple smoke and 'totals' the challenger. 

  • Finally Kate is able to recreate the scene that she saw as a child which inspired her to become like Hawkeye and protect her family. The grapple arrow helps them to escape from the bridge as they jump off of it and land on the train to run away from the mafias.

The scenes are pretty intense and we finally get to see Clint and Kate involved in real action and how perfectly they work as a team and save their asses off. Fans are looking forward to more such episodes and it seems that the action is just going to get even more intense and the audience will soon realize the full potential of Hawkeye's power.

We also see that maybe Hawkeye maybe get a new suit which is going to be pretty exciting. After a new arm for Bucky, and a Captain America suit for the Falcon, it was finally time that even Hawkeye got a new outfit. We get to see a rough draft of how it might possibly look with a H on the head mask of the costume.(But we can see that there are chances of the suit being a mix of purple and black as it is shown in comics and it was quite evident from all the arrows that clint has are somewhere associated with the color purple).But, We don't know, the suit can also be for Kate. The Hawkeye series seems full of promises: new elements, new characters and new costumes.

At the end of the episode we see someone holding a sword on Clint's neck. The very sword which was stolen from the illegal auction which originally belonged to Ronin or Clint and is suspectedly the murder weapon of Armand III. Yes, it's no one else than Kate's to be stepfather, Jack, who finds Clint lurking in the apartment. Stay tuned to find what happens next.

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