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"I love you for all that you are, All that you have been and all that You will be."

I know it hurts so much when your love is unrequited and You are just the one putting in all the efforts. It's different for different people. Some people just end up realizing that it isn't worth their time. But some folks just don't know when to give up. 

There is this zone called The Friend Zone when you are still friends with whom you love but you have to corner all your feelings and make sure that you never cross the thin line. It's a very thin line and it is easier to cross when you have already told the other person about your feelings. 

First love of your life teaches you a lot of things. If you get lucky, you get to learn loyalty, trust, goodness, believing in people but a slight mistake and you will be learning lessons like Healing, Independence, Love is nothing but a lie and no one should love someone because the end result will always be the same - A Heartbreak. But I feel like no matter what happens you shouldn't lose your hope, Keep on believing what you always had trust in. Just because of a person who was nothing more than a lesson to prepare you for what is yet to come, you shouldn't let go of a part of yourself that is so precious, pure and untouched by the harsh realities of the world. Sometimes You have to let go off people to come close to yourself. To stop playing the role what some other person assigned you and play the role what GOD gave you, To just be yourself. 

You will feel the real love and I swear to GOD it will be more than you ever asked for. Let me describe it to you what it feels like - You never stop getting nervous around them no matter how much time you have spent with them, Every hour feels like a second, All the problems fade away(at least you stop worrying about them because you feel like you have already won all the battles in your life because you have that person), Your life starts making a little more sense to you and you know that you will turn the world upside down just for this person, They feel more like a family to you and you are ready to pour them with unconditional love no matter what happens, You never let your ego or attitude come in the way of loving them, You actually want to listen to them constantly blabbering and everything you do is somewhat related to them. You just want to become the best version of yourself just so that you can give them what they deserve. You will find yourself loving the things you used to call cringe when you weren't smitten by love. You never stop getting butterflies. A single call or text brings a smile to your face that no matter how hard you try, you can' t hide. They will get you smiling from ear to ear. It's like a dream you never want to wake up from. You live a little more of your life and you are always thankful to the GOD for all the events that happened that eventually led you to them. (This might not be true for everyone because not every love is the same. Sometimes it's just a gut feeling and sometimes it's just the VIBE.)

But in doing so never forget to love yourself. Because a person will only treat you, the way you treat yourself. So when in love don't forget to show yourself some extra care and respect, It is really helpful to keep in check that you don't lose yourself when in the process of finding someone new.

Check this video out by Will Smith where he talks about defining love. It's actually L.U.V. - Listen, Understand, Validate. It's about giving. You can have the capacity or I should say the ability to love someone only when you have more than enough for yourself. Fall in love with yourself first.


L-O-V-E is only a 4 syllable word and is defined as an intense feeling of deep affection. There are 7.9 billion people in the world and 3.95 billion different meanings of what love is. Every person has their own explanation of what love actually feels like. ALL and NONE of them are correct or wrong. Everyone has a different perception and when people with the same perception meet each other they are termed as soulmates. Two souls that were longing to meet each other. 

Well coming back to the question "Does love makes us weak?" is really complicated. Let us dive deep into it. When you start loving some you lower your guards to let the other person in, you choose to be vulnerable because you want to trust the other person and the other person to trust you. But here is the catch, what if the other person doesn't really love you back. Well, then all the things you did on the basis of trust gets shattered, You feel broken and cheated. You think that how can you be so wrong with the judgements you made. You get filled with disgust every time you think of that person and how foolish you were. YOU then put up your guards so high, build a wall so strong around your real self that no one can ever cross. It's called defense mechanism.

They create a void which you try to fill by anything you get in order to keep yourself occupied and stop yourself from thinking about what actually happened to you. You try to escape the process of mourning by keeping yourself busy because you just don't want to accept the fact that something like this happened to you. You start pushing people away because you start doubting all your judgements. Everything suddenly stops making sense to you.

Nowadays, A teenager just want to talk to someone and pour their heart out and express each and every emotion and cry in someone's arms but they realize they don't share that intimacy with anyone. They just cry and weep but no one can hear or see them. They start being alone and think that this is independence and sleeping is the perfect remedy to all the problems.( A lot of people will here say that they should talk to their parents or friends but can't you understand that these teens have already lost the ability to trust someone and moreover when they tell about how they feel to someone then they are mocked at or judged and even the closest one's start taking advantage or eventually leave them.)

Only a stranger whom they will probably never meet is all what they want. Expressing themselves anonymously and being loved unconditionally can only help them. SO, Does love make you weak ? The simple answer is NO. Does it hurt you? YES. But what hurts you makes you only stronger. It gets you out of your comfort zone. You realize that the utopian world you imagined is actually not that perfect. Things are not that easy as they should have been. Love is not easy and simple but it is complicated on many levels. 

But besides all this You need to remember one thing that when you meet that someone who might not be around you all the time but actually shows up when you need them. Does their best to make you happy. Cheers you up and makes time for you. Does foolish silly thing around you to make you LAUGH and worry about you. Let you be who you are and love you for it. Someone who believes in you even when you feel like you are a lost cause, Tries their best to understand you, Stays with you even after you push them away and hurt them. Just know that this person is someone you should never let go off and if you ever do just know that they didn't lose you, YOU lost them. 

NO matter what happens just never stop loving. Because that's what we are best at. It's the thing that makes us human.

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