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The most underrated songs of 2022 | Latest Viral Songs | GossipKnowledge

It's just the start of 2022 and many of the under-rated songs are blowing up on Instagram reels that are actually not cringe and worth listening. These songs will definitely make it to your playlist. Instagram and tik-tok are responsible for the success of these songs and giving the artists the exposure they deserve.

I believe that Instagram and tik-tok are playing a big role in boosting the songs initially and once people catch on to them, No sooner it becomes a trend and the songs get stuck in the mind of the listeners.

Here is a list of the songs that you need to listen in order to check it out for yourself that if they are worth the hype. And if any creator is reading this blog then I think making reels and tik-toks can play a crucial role in the promotion of your songs and reaching out to a bigger audience. 

1. Shayad - by Taba Chake

2. I guess I'm in love - Clinton Kane

3. Middle of the night - Elley Duhe

4. Easy on me - Adele

5. Bad Habits - Ed Sheeran

6. Sugar - Brockhampton

7. Washing Machine Heart - Mitski

8. To be so lonely - Harry Styles

9. This side of paradise - Coyote theory

10. Dandelions - Ruth B.

11. Dancing with your ghost - Sasha Sloan

12. Thank You - Dido

13. Just the two of Us - Grover Washington Jr.

14. All the things she said - t.A.T.u - 

15. Something about you - EYEDRESS ft. Dent May may

16. Enchanted - Taylor swift

17. I want it that way - Backstreet Boys

18. Rocc climbing - Remble

19. Some way - NAV ft. The Weekend

20. She chose me - Bruno Major

21. Slow dancing in the Dark- Joji

22. Heather - Conan grey

23. La Vi En Rose - Emily Watts

24. Nothing - Bruno Major

25. Like my father - Jax

26. Meet me Our spot - Willow, Tyler Cole 

27. Alag Aasmaan- Anuv Jain

These songs will definitely change your playlist and will be on your mind for a while.
Comment the songs you think should be a part of the list.

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

What is NFT? | Is it the new future |Should you consider buying it| GossipKnowledge

Nowadays there are these questions among public in general that what are NFTs, What are Tokens, Is it related to blockchain and bitcoin, Should you ride this NFT wave or not. And if you follow investors, news, tech savvy influencer and finance influencers  then I am sure that you must have come around this unique word called NFT. Now you might ask what is this NFT? So here I am to explain all about NFT, whether you should be worried about it or not and what's all this fuss is about.

NFT in simple words is NON-FUNGIBLE TOKEN, you can also say that something unique as the word fungible in simple English means replaceable and NFTs are non-fungible so anything that's non-replaceable can be called NFT.

Let me start with an example, let us consider a diary or a notebook which has been mass produced so every copy of it is one-hundred percent identical. And it's impossible that if you buy it on amazon one day and its MRP is Rs.50 and on some other day you buy that same diary from a local store near your house and it would cost you more or less than Rs. 50, which means this diary or notebook is replaceable. And you can easily fill one diary and get another one with same features hence it makes this diary or notebook a replaceable asset.

Now, let us consider another situation with the same asset that is a diary or a notebook.  Your father bought it for you on your sweet 15th birthday and you wrote your memories and many other details which makes this particular diary or notebook unique. You can buy a similar diary or notebook from anywhere but it would not have the same content as your diary. Now this diary or notebook becomes non-fungible or non-replaceable.

You can imagine this same situation with any other thing a car, bike, guitar, a car manufactured in limited edition, a bottle, an image, or even a movie poster. It could be anything you can think of, anything that is limited or non-replaceable.

Now let me explain you the term 'TOKEN' used in NON-FUNGIBLE TOKEN (NFT). It is basically working on something we know as blockchain. Now let me first try to explain what is Blockchain and thus explaining what is Token. I think I should explain this with an example of chocolate as there's no other way that I master. Let's say you are the owner of a store and I as a customer bought something (a chocolate) from you and you asked me Rs. 100 for that chocolate. So, I grabbed my phone, opened UPI, scanned your QR code and transferred you Rs. 100. 

It sounds simple, but during this transaction or in this time interval many events took place at the backend of this transaction. Things like - my bank checks if I have Rs. 100 in my account or not, if yes then it approves the transaction and if not then disapproves it and records this transaction. And simultaneously your bank received Rs. 100 and records it. But this whole thing is going on at bank level. Now imagine this happening at public level or world level and no one could edit it or erase it.

Same happens in Blockchain, in 2009 someone named Satoshi Nakamoto whom no one knows said that if this transaction's record is not recorded by bank rather it gets recorded by many computers all over the world.
Now you may ask that what is the need for this, don't worry I have the answer. As many people were not happy with this centralized banking system (bank level transaction) as they listed many cons of this system like it is controlled by an individual, institution or organization and whoever controls it has a lot of power and could do anything with this money. So, Satoshi Nakamoto introduced a new system which is known as decentralized banking system (the world level transaction).

Now how this whole concept is connected to NFT? Let me again come to the example of the diary. Now suppose you got your special diary filled with your special memories and details and now you sold it to someone at Rs. 500. Now that someone must have a proof or record that he owns this diary from now on. In this case it is physical object like a book but imagine it could anything like an image, a movie clip, a cricket shot. How would that someone would proof that he owns this unique thing. It is by creating a NFT. That's how NFTs work.

By definition NFTs are a legitimate way of transferring the ownership of any unique item.
Now you may think that it's all rubbish as a GIF, an image all this stuff could be easily downloaded and used. You are not completely wrong but, partially you are wrong my dear friend as this NFT is based on the fundamental of human psychology that if something is limited, scarce, or unique it tends to be highly expensive. If it were not true then why do paintings and arts that are unique are sold at such an expensive rate.
Now, the most important question, should you invest in this NFT wave and should you even consider it as an investment? If you ask about my opinion, you should definitely experience this technology by buying or selling a NFT and see if you develop a taste for it. But it is too early and definitely not safe to invest huge amounts in such a thing which many of the experienced investors are calling a Fuss. But I think NFT will stay and soon BOOM like bitcoin. It is highly expected.

All the views in this blog are discretionary and the investments are at the risk of the user. Please share and comment on this blog and let us know what are your views on NFT and it's future.

Monday, January 10, 2022

How to make friends at College- A Guide for Introverts | GossipKnowledge

The transition from school to college can be quite intimidating. You tend to lose contact with your school friends and slowly that bond of friendship fades away and you find yourself back to square one in the social aspect of life. No one to go to when you are facing problems or need help or even simply talk your heart out. Yes, you might call your old friends or meet sometimes but then you slowly start feeling hesitant thinking that you might be invading their personal space. And many a times your schedules don't match up and most of the plans get cancelled at the last moment.

Now, since you are in a college you feel the dire need to be the center of attention, fantasizing about how people are going to cheer when you will be felicitated on the graduation day. You dream of everyone knowing you but at the end of the day if you didn't leave a profound effect on anyone in your college life then it's not going to be that easy and you might end up feeling like you are going to be some batchmate whom people hardly remember.

So what now, well you got to make new friends. It's going to be a little easier this time, believe me when I say it, because most of the kids in college are also facing the same problem and need friends. I have been there and I know it. You just need to make a small effort and you will make new friends.(Friendly advice - I know sometimes you might get turned down by people for no reason and they might simply not want to talk to you. In that case you should not force friendship. And in no condition become friends who do not resonate with your energy or seem to be involved in things that are against your morals. But beside this you need to be open minded and try to welcome new people with a complete different approach towards life because they will teach you a lot and help you actually mature and become prepared for when the time comes.)

Making new friends in a complete new environment is already a task and if you are an introvert then it's a tough row to hoe. So here I am to save your day and give you some hacks to make things easy for you. I have listed points that I have learned from my experience which really helped me to make friends in the first place as I myself am an introvert. So here you go-
  • Try to find the mutual interests of your batchmates by looking at the conversations that usually happen in the unofficial groups. Stay active and try being a part of the conversation when the topic comes up or maybe even personally text them and try to strike a conversation. Listen more than you speak. Most people just want to be heard so lend them your ear.
  • Be helpful and available. That's the basic thing you need to do when trying to make friends. Maybe try helping them with their studies if they need. People tend to remember those who help them in need. And these small things that people do for each other actually form the basis of any kind of relationship.
  • Join as many clubs and societies you can. Participate in the fests, events and workshops and try to meet people. These kind of group activities/events really help you bond with people. Go to library, canteen and places in the campus which are generally a bit crowded and try to interact. Just do not miss out on any opportunity where you might get public exposure because once you are seen and heard people will start noticing you and try to interact themselves.
  • Try to connect with college students on social media. Social media is like the easiest way to make friends nowadays. Just share a good meme and try to break the ice.  
  • If you know how to play an instrument then you can use it to attract attention of the people and to be honest music is really a good way to bond with people. In my experience, I tend to like people with good music taste especially those who can sing or play some kind of musical instrument. So, if you have a talent then showcase it.
  • Try to keep up with the latest ongoing trends. Watch some OTT content that's quite often the topic discussion in the group. Read a lot of books and acquire all the knowledge you can. Because if you are good at putting your thoughts out there and know a lot of stuff, you can easily converse a lot with people. Here is a book recommendation which you can read to know more about how to win people over and make friends.

-- "You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you."

  •  Try to keep a smile on your face so that you seem approachable and friendly. If you really give off good vibes then you will attract a lot of people. Have you ever asked your old friends why did they become friends with you in the first place and what was your first impression on them? Talk to them and try to find out what are your strong points that makes you friendly and try to use them in your favor.( Also a good way to connect with your old friends and recall those funny memories of each other.)
  • When you are sitting in the classroom maybe try changing your seat around a little and sit with different people to see with whom you hit off. If you think no one is sitting with you in the class, Either come too early and offer a seat to those who come too late or come too late and grab the first seat you find and sit with different people. Try to observe and interact with others. Do not push them to talk or be friends with you.
  • Keep in mind that there might be other people who might seem a little unfriendly at first. You might think that why no one is sitting with them in the class or why they are eating their lunch alone or maybe acting strangely, just try to approach them, it might be very likely that they are also an introvert and are facing difficulties to open up and make friends. Try to befriend them. 
  • A general practice you can adopt is to try to say hello and compliment the people you meet. Be genuine while complimenting and try not to be mistaken as a creep. Few sweet words will get you what you want!
  • Work on yourself especially your sarcasm or humor because it can work like a charm. Most of the students in college are bored after attending all the classes and if you can be the person who can make them laugh after all the tiresome classes and match their sarcasm level, You will soon be having inside jokes with a lot of people.
  • Be open to different ideologies and viewpoints of people and if not agree at least try to understand their beliefs and respect them. Don't refrain yourself from putting your viewpoint but never try to argue with anyone. Keep any kind of discussion healthy. And do not hesitate to apologize in case you feel that the other person might have been offended by what you said.
At then end, Just be yourself and confident and you will eventually meet people who would like to talk, interact and be friends with you. All this might get a little intimidating at first but eventually you will come along. Don't be frustrated or harsh on yourself if things get a bit difficult and you are not able to make a lot of friends. Just one good friend is all what you really need.
Here is a TEDx speech given by Canadian motivational speaker SAM DEMMA on how to make friends. In this video he talks about his college experience and his #onedayoneperson challenge which helped him to make friends in college. Don't forget to check it out.

If you still need any help you can comment on this blog and if you have any other hack or personal life experience to share, you can comment or mail us. We would love to hear from you. 

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