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Naruto and Kushina Uzumaki

Naruto Uzumaki the knuckle-head ninja whose dream is to become Hokage someday has faced a lot of problems in the earlier days of his life. Even after being the child of the fourth Hokage, he was hated and feared among all the villagers.

Naruto didn't even know who his parents were until later in Naruto Shippuden. Just before the great fourth Ninja war, Naruto is sent on a secret S-ranked mission by Lady Tsunade which is actually a cover to keep him away from engaging in the war that is to come and stop the project Tsuki no Mi.

According to the prophecy of the sage toad he was supposed to meet an Octopus on the island who would teach him how to master the powers of the Nine Tail Chakra. The octopus is none other than the eight tailed Beast himself - "Master Killer B", who teaches him to how to tame his tailed beast and tap into its chakra. Naruto enters the six path mode and can finally access a lot of power but with some limitations.

It was not easier for Naruto to actually tame the Nine tailed beast but to his surprise when he was about to lose to the nine tails, Kushina Uzumaki, Naruto's mother who transferred some of her chakra into the 8 trigram sealing that the fourth Hokage aka Minato Namikaze used to seal the nine tailed beast inside Naruto, encounters Naruto.

The moment when Naruto realized that the beautiful woman with long red hair is none other than her own mother, tears of happiness roll down his cheeks and he hugs her so tightly and says - "I have wanted to meet you for so long Ma...Ya know".

If you are a true Naruto fan this scene will definitely make you cry. Naruto never felt so complete as when he met his mother.

They exchange their stories and Kushina tells Naruto how she met Minato, his father, and what actually happened on the day when Naruto was born and why the nine tail was sealed inside Naruto.

Madara Uchiha was the one who loosened the seal of nine tail with the intention of destroying the hidden leaf village. In order to save the village Minato, the acting Hokage, decided to seal half of the nine tail chakra inside himself using the dead demon consuming seal known to only him and the third Hokage and the remaining half inside baby Naruto so that in future if he ever faces Tobi, he can use that power. Moreover, Naruto was supposed to built a compatibility with whatever Nine tailed chakra he had so when in future he unlocks the full potential of the Nine tails power he does not get overpowered by the nine tailed.

With Kushina finally saying - "I Love You" to Naruto, giving Naruto all the confidence he needed to face the Nine tail by suppressing his bad side which was somewhere deep inside him.

This whole incident definitely was one of the most touching moments of Naruto. The reunion of a Mother and child- even for a short instance, fills the viewers with a lot of emotions. It was undoubtedly one of the most emotional scenes.

Sasuke and Itachi Uchiha

Although there is one more scene that left the viewers super touched and stirred emotionally. Many of you might have already guessed it by now. Yes, it's the interaction between the Uchiha brothers. Sasuke and Itachi Uchiha, undoubtedly few of the most powerful shinobis, who were for most part of the series shown as people deprived of any emotions but anger and vengeance. They actually do have a side that reflects their brotherly bond.

Itachi used to flick Sasuke, which used to upset him at times but there comes a time when Itachi actually instead of flicking Sasuke pats him on his head telling that he will love him always. Definitely a warmth gesture, warm enough so that even the viewers can feel it. The love the Itachi had for his little brother Sasuke was pure and eternal. 

Everything that Itachi did was in order to save his little brother. He took all the blame and told countless lies so that his brother stays alive. He took all the burden so that Sasuke lives. Unaware of all the sacrifices Sasuke hated Itachi for most of his life but when he got to know the truth, it just shattered him to his core. No one can feel the pain that Sasuke would have gone through, maybe it was even more than Itachi's. He had to live with the guilt of killing his own brother. Although Sasuke is not to be blamed but we all know he could never forgive himself for hating and blaming his big brother unknowingly.

But the parting scene when Kabuto's reanimation Justu wears off, fans are unable to hold in the tears when Itachi says - " I will love you, Always." to Sasuke. 

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