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Death of the nightingale of India | Lata Mangeshkar died on 6th February, 2022

Lata Mangeshkar died
Lata Mangeshkar died on 6th Feb, 2022

Lata Mangeshkar(1929-2022)

Farewell Nightingale of India, Lata Mangeshkar, the famous singer of the century died on 6th February, 2022 and was declared dead at 8:12 am. The government announces mourning for Lata Mangeshkar Ji.

Lata Mangeshkar Ji was admitted in Beach Candy Hospital. Her condition deteriorated on 5th February. She was being treated under Dr. Pratit Samdani who tried his level best, but the news coming in at the moment is that Lata Mangeshkar is no more.

At the age of 92 she lost her battle to death. We lost one of India's greatest singer, the Voice Of India is no more. She was detected of Covid-19 a month ago and was treated at Breach Candy Hospital located at Mumbai, Maharashtra. She was admitted to Breach Candy Hospital in early January, 2022. She was treated for Covid-19 in the ICU. Her condition improved on 28th of January, 2022. She was taken off the ventilator and then her condition deteriorated on 5th of February, 2022. We pray for her family to stay strong in this crucial moment.

Her body will be kept at her Peddar Road residence from 12pm to 3 pm and later be shifted to Shivaji Park from 4:30 pm and cremation will be finally done at Shivaji Park.

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10 Teachings that Kushina taught Naruto before dying| Was Naruto a Good son? | GossipKnowledge

Who was Kushina Uzumaki?

Kushina was born into famous Uzumaki clan of Uzushiokagure. At a young age she was sent to Konoha and enrolled in the Academy. To make a strong first impression, she proclaimed in her class that she would be the first female Hokage.

The other kids used to laugh at her and call her "Tomato" because of her then-round face and fiery red hair which used to made her lash out on kids. This, in addition to her red hair flying wildly around her as she did so, earned her the nickname of "Red-Hot Habanero."

Kushina at first didn't use to like Minato because she though he was the same as others but when she learned that Minato thought highly of her and believed in her dream, she was overwhelmed. She fell in love with him when he complemented her red hair. She used to dislike her red hair but after this incident she considered her red hair as the "red thread of fate" that had brought them together.

At some point she married Minato. She was later present to witness her husband's reign as Fourth Hokage, being very excited for him when first learning of it. She was then pregnant with Naruto. Moments after giving birth to Naruto, She was taken by Tobi to unleash the Nine-Tails to destroy Konoha. In order to protect the village, being the Fourth-Hokage he decided to seal the bad part of the Kurama's chakra (Yin Half) in himself and the other half of in Naruto but when he was about to do it, Kurama realized it and tried to attack Naruto. To save Naruto, Kushina and Minato used their bodies as a shield. Just few moments before dying Kushina told then-baby Naruto how much she loved him and gave her the best advice for the future. Given below are the ten advices/teachings that Kushina gave to Naruto. 

Teachings that Kushina taught Naruto before dying

1. Don't be a picky eater just eat a lot so you grow up big and strong.
Well it seems that Naruto didn't turn out to be much of a picky eater as he even drank the insect soup when in mount Myoboku and to be honest it did seek pretty terrible for a human. He surely developed a taste for itchi raku ramen, his favorite all time food. 

2. Make sure you bathe everyday and you stay warm too.
NO doubt about this one.

3. Don't stay up too late make sure you get plenty of sleep.
Naruto kind of did the opposite but for his good only. Like he did used to take the required amount of sleep but at times when he used to train hard to hone a Justsu or master an ability, he stayed up all night. After all he was a hard working shinobi and wanted to be Hokage someday.

4. Don't forget to make friends as well. You don't need a ton of them okay. Just a few is fine as long as they are the ones you can really trust.
We all know that Naruto is a kind of person who makes you believe in him and walk by his side and trust him. Although it took him some time but he surely did made a lot of friends. Sasuke and Sakura were the closest of all. But I think 

5. Make sure you study hard and learn your ninjutsu.
In the academy Naruto was a little behind everyone but he sure did catch up with everyone with his hard work. He worked so hard that he eventually surpassed all the shinobis. He didn't know how the Justsu used to work but he sure did know how to make it.

6. Always remember everyone is good at somethings and not so good at others so even if something doesn't go well, don't get depressed.
Well Naruto does get upset too early when he gets to know that he isn't good at something but he sure does give his best to become good at it. Hell yeah, even master it. His ninja way is to "Never give up and not to go back on his words."

7. When you are at the academy respect your teachers and the upper class men.
In his early childhood he did use to do a lot of pranks but it was all to get the attention of everyone but as we all know he did respect his teachers a lot. Be it Iruka, Kakashi, or Jiraiya.

8. Regarding the three prohibitions of shinobi
-Be extra careful about borrowing and lending money. Take your pay and put in a savings account.
-NO alcohol! not until you are have aged. Too much Sake is bad for you so practice moderation
-Another prohibition is women. Remember, I am one so I don't know much about it but keep in mind that this world is made up of men and women so at some point you will notice girls and that's normal.
Just be careful and don't fall for the bad ones and just go out and find someone who is like me. 

9. Speaking of the three prohibitions be wary of Jiraya sensei you know.
Since Jiraya broke all the three prohibitions of shinobi, Kushina warned Naruto to be cautious of the Jiraya sensei as a joke supposedly. We all know that he used to drink a lot of sake (alcohol) and was a womanizer. We all know that why Naruto used to call him Pervy sage because of his pervert nature of watching women during hot spring baths which he used to justify by saying that he is working on a project.

10. Naruto I am sorry to say there will be plenty of hardships and painful times ahead just be true to yourself and make sure to have dreams and the confidence to make those dreams come true.

Naruto learned a lot from his mother but above all he got his will of fire and never give up attitude from her and also her constant habit of talking a lot and saying Ya Know. She would have been a really good mother but for the Nine-Tail incident. Whatsoever, she used her chakra, sealed inside Naruto, to meet the grown up Naruto at least once and help him to tame Kurama.

Even though Naruto grew up without his parents as an orphan he turned out to be a really great shinobi and also obeyed her mother's will. Every teaching of Kushina is embedded in Naruto so deeply therefore it's only right to say that Naruto turned out to be a good son. Even Minato and Kushina acknowledged it upon meeting Naruto.

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